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Kruschev's Korner: Zdravo!


Good morning, Comrades!

And it is a good morning for Mother Russia and Ukraine, now that we have signed new lease to keep strong and patriotic Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea.  In return, Ukraine will have large quantity of superior Russian natural gas.  We help our friends, unlike some imperialist powers.

I would like to extend congratulations also to Comrade Medvedev and Comrade Putin on splendid diplomacy with our neighbor Ukraine. I was born and raised in Ukraine and I know our roots go deeply together.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking:  Russia's current leaders are not Socialists unlike American leader great Comrade Obama.  Are you sure?  In politics, one must not be obvious.  If you are not leaf on wind, you will be purged.  Most important qualities are to be strong leader and to be unpredictable to your many adversaries, as Comrade Putin did so brilliantly in keeping Abkhazia and South Ossetia from being dominated and oppressed by the puppet of Western decadence, Georgia.  As my friend Deng used to say, "What is difference if cat is black or white, as long as catches mouse."

In order to advance the People's interests, a leader must be willing to try new things.  Like my friend Comrade Trofim Lysenko.  He thought of way to boost crop yields for wheat.  Everything in life is wheat!  We tried and it didn't work!  So then we tried something else.

In same way, Ukraine tried to turn away from Mother Russia and make friends with counterrevolutionary Western imperialist powers.  That did not work; so she came home.

до свидания до следующего времени, капиталистов!