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Behind the Veil

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My fellow Americans, there has been a drawn-out brouhaha over in France regarding the whole question of mohammedan women wearing their face-scarves, and whether this somehow steps all over their rights.

There is a definite parallel between the upheaval in France today and the Negro uprisings we had in the late 60’s.  Both are instances of minorities not appreciating the society in which they live, nor comprehending or showing sufficient gratitude toward the inherent compassion and tolerance of the European mind.  It seems as if the more a government does for these people, the more they want, and the more violently they demand it.

The bleeding hearts, hippies, and liberals will certainly cry about all this and twist it into something to do with race.  They’ll wail that the face covering is a part of the mohammedan religion, and that forcing these people to discard it somehow treats them as not equal since it is okay for Hebrews to wear their beanies, or Christians to wear a cross.  This is, of course, nonsense and the sort of gobbledygook typically spouted by privileged left-wing Franklins. Neither beanies nor crosses hide one’s face (though those wild beards some orthodox Jews have come close). The left always seems so concerned about the rights of some minority group or other that they neglect the rights of the rest of us.  And unlike others, I stand with the good, honest, law-abiding citizens of both the United States and France.

Now, before you paint me as some sort of Bircher, let me just be perfectly clear: I supported the Civil Rights bill of 1964. And I supported the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Nixon was always a friend to the Negro, and in fact, some of my acquaintances were Negroes. But at some point enough has to be enough. When the Negroes in the 60’s began to riot that line was crossed.  And now, like then, the mohammedans in France have to realize that their demands can not infringe on the rights of Frenchmen, and that actions carry consequence.

Living in a civilization based on law and order requires compromise and tolerance.  And the French mohammedans, like the American Negro, have to realize that they must compromise by giving up on their outrageous demands in order for the rest of the Americans and Frenchmen to be able to tolerate them.

Nixon is: Frustrated