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Debriefing: What Happened to My America?



Greetings fellow patriots.

The other day, as I was exercising my God-given right to walk the streets of my community, my blood froze. There before me I saw the most curious sight I’ve seen since that drugged out hippy Timothy Leary. Yes, friends, they were cameras. Mounted on poles at intersections with the intent of watching you.

Upon seeing the surveillance my training kicked in and I immediately used my God-given agility, honed by the American military, to quickly take cover behind some foliage while simultaneously drawing the firearm I always keep at my side (promised us by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America).

I did a quick reconnaissance of the area, secured my perimeter, and confident that there was no threat re-holstered my weapon. I again looked up at the surveillance cameras and wondered to myself about them.

On the one hand, I applauded the initiative required to ensure the public’s continued compliance with the law. Constantly monitoring the activity of revolutionaries, anarchists, and other un-American leftist organizations is something we only dreamed of in the turbulent days of the counter-culture. Limits on our ability to gather information meant that our prosecution of the war against the subversives took longer, and often required unwavering dedication and relentless hard work of good patriots in order to preserve our American society.  Back then, a computerized, round-the-clock, blanket surveillance system was the stuff of fantasy.

But then it dawned on me: these cameras could also be used for evil by those same communist sympathizers as a means of preventing true Americans, like you and me, from carrying out our duty. Suddenly remembering that we have a socialist president, that realization sent a chill down my spine.

This is not the America I knew and loved. That was an America where a bright, ambitious young attorney could plot to kidnap anti-war protesters, take them to Mexico bound and gagged, and leave them there to rot -- or die (which ever came first).

This was now a mendacious America of the weak.  An America of Sam Ervin, Woodward and Bernstein, and that treacherous swine, John Dean. An America of filthy weasels and sniveling snitches that keep their eyes and cameras watching us. Instead of patriotic Americans using this new technology to protect ourselves from leftist insurgents and intellectual agitators, those same enemies could now compile intel on us. Much the way the Weathermen and the Black Panthers began to develop their own espionage organizations in the 70’s to try and infiltrate our police and government security agencies, it seems our new socialist government is looking for a new way to monitor us. Recording and keeping files on true Americans, lying about us and following us and asking about us … and ratting us out, turning on us when we least expect it.

This environment where one is constantly under threat of being betrayed by an informant reminds me of my time in prison. On one occasion an inmate was suspected of snitching on one of my comrades. In order to ascertain the veracity of this suspicion, I recruited a few trustworthy Cuban-born accomplices and devised a careful plan to expose the truth, which I called Operation Veritas. The plan was for my companions to enact an elaborate mock-fracas involving pro- and anti-Castro demonstrators combined with copious shouting and a small but vigorous melee to occupy the attention of the guards while I then isolated the suspected rat in the laundry, behind a large container filled with soiled linen. Once my position was secure, I would interrogate the suspect with a series of cross-referenced questions and strategically placed kicks to the balls. The operation was a complete success, and the suspected snitch admitted his guilt. I just wish that guy was Dean.

My razor-sharp insight tells me I am on to something larger and more sinister than I ever suspected; but much as I had to first put Operation Veritas into action before dealing with the snitch, I must ferret out the facts. Nonetheless, the clues are already there. Do you think it a coincidence that these cameras are around at the same time a muslim in Christian's clothing is president and that pinko Jerry Brown is once again the Governor of California?

I think not!

Yours, ever vigilant in God’s sight.