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Kruschev's Korner: Goal!


Dobro Yutro, Comrades!

Many of my American friends maybe not knowing that is currently playing in South Africa the World Cup of football. World Cup is big international tournament and world celebration more important for all people than Olympics.  All world are stop work and put attention on football pitch to watch people's game. Poor Americans not understand this, and even make mistake and call game soccer instead of football, because American have own game called "football."  But Americanski football is not actual football.  How can be?  Is played with hands and never use feet on ball!  Is should be called handball.

But in FIFA World Cup tournament yesterday was exciting match featuring corporate sponsored Brazil playing stalwart socialist representatives of Democratic People's Republic of Korea.  Many in world are thinking Brazil is the most impressive football team, but really are typical capitalist stooges - mercenaries who play for money and always showing off.  But DPRK is solid and courageous team made from proud socialist men who play for strength and pride.

Game was perfect example of eternal struggle of people against oppression.  Brazilian are make constant attacking but brave DPRK defense is powerful like unpenetrable wall protecting against western decadence.  Eventually, corrupt match referee conspire with degenerate and greedy FIFA officials to give Brazil advantage to win.  But even though final score is 2:1, DPRK are true winners by show socialism is defender of all people in world.

Compare fearless DPRK with pitiful USA attempt.  Americans show how decadent lifestyle of debauchery and hedonism make for soft and weak team.  Americanski players are confused, and only by laughable and cowardly mistake by imperialist British goalkeeper can save USA from crushing embarassment of exposing crumbling capitalist system.

Also typical of capitalisti, Americans know is impossible to win World Cup and so must use puppets like Brazil or Germany.  Brave socialist warriors of DPRK are stand alone and face entire world.

And sad that Americans are not seeing entire world celebration because of narrow mind and arrogance in sport. Maybe if vain Americans try and learn more about international peoples it would help stop militaristic American imperialst war machine, for to make better peace in world. 

до свидания до следующего времени, капиталистов!


jguywrite said...

Dude, your site rocks! Been laughing my ass off. Keep em' coming, my friend.

The Ghost of Richard Nixon said...

Nixon appreciates your enthusiastic support, and I hope I can count on your vote in the future.

It's true Americans like you that keep our country great.